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500 Before and After Weight Loss Pictures! Amazing!
Results will vary with method applied
Losing weight while toning up and retaining lean muscle mass is one of our Customers' most desired reasons for seeking our services and this method is just another one of the implementations in this quest.

All you have to do is focus on implementing  our services for the fastest Weight Loss the healthiest ever.experienced and has been experienced as reported by one of our Customers who stuck with the program diligently.  How? By introducing all our all ORGANIC delicious easy to take products available for quick order and delivery at a very reasonable cost.

Introducing the Lipomelt/ Non -Invasive laser technology for fat burning.  The results and reviews are wonderful with most people undergoing a 20 minute session seeing instant result.  Please call for details and pricing. 


These Foods are designed to deliver power nutrients to rejuvenate every cell in your body, cut your appetite and burn stored up fat to a greater or lesser degree. The Products are tailored for the On-The-Go Dieter who does not have the time or means to juice or go shopping for organic foods. They come in their purest form of NON-GMO (GMO are genetically modified foods products from a laboratory research and engineering Team) The dangers of Genetically Engineered foods are way underscored by the Companies who manufacture them and are suspect in many underlying upsets in the Body eg: Celiac Disease ultra sensitivities to wheat gluten intolerance. Almost everyone is experiencing some form of food allergy. What is Dupon's interest in a potato? Ever wonder why all the tomatoes are the same size and redness but have absolutely no aroma or taste? How about the bananas? All uniformly yellow? Well they go through a gassing process which force ripens them. 

 Shocking news!  I once went to a major food chain to buy bananas  There were some green bananas with a warning sign which read something like this: Bananas will not ripen and turn yellow because they have not been gassed!? The Food Industry has engineered a way to provide you food by the cheapest, fastest and lease expensive means.  Nutrition is not their business.  Profit is .

 A Farmer once told me that if he were to sell me a true organic chicken hatched, fed and raised to the right maturity that in order to make a profit he would want$60 for his Bird (he keeps the Roasters fed on organic non-Gmo corn and sells the hens) since the Government does not subsidize his Farm ( The Big Conglamorates get the funding as they swallow up all the little Guys)  He went on to comment that it would barely cover his organic feed for the lifespan of that chicken so that's why he cuts corners with the commercial Chickens.  We just laughed. What are these People feeding us? 

 Do they have absolutely no respect for our humanity?  Its suspected that the modification of the wheat and grain has amplified this Gastro-intestinal pandemic (gluten intolerance) which causes pain bloating and feeling of general ill-health.  In the absence of a healthy functioning GI track, your weight control effort will be greatly compromised. Its reported that most ER visits are for stomach complaints.Why are Americans getting increasingly fatter no end in sight with all the diets and low-caloric meals/drinks on the market? Obesity rate 66% Then maybe we should rethink Quality vs Quantity.  Food has to be digested assimilated and eliminated efficiently for optimum health and food in its natural and purest form is far more conducive to this process. The ideal diet is one of its purest form of 80% Raw Fruit and vegetables, 10% cooked grains/ vegetables and 10% Animal produce including milk, cheese and yogurt. You can be extremely successful at losing weight and building lean muscle mass implementing this protocol.  You do not have to be Vegan or Herbivorous to enjoy good health and longevity.  In fact there is no Scientific study proving that Vegetarians have a longer lifespan than Omnivores.  In fact Vegetarianism is based more upon a moral code than Scientific findings e:g Vegetarianism in India is deeply rooted in Hindu Philosophy.

The Human Body only recognizes natural organic substances because we are manufactured from the Soil and Water. The same minerals present in the Oceans and soil are in our bodies in variant ratios and are mandatory in maintaining Hormonal balance and Organ health.   Haven't you noticed that many People and maybe yourself find it almost impossible to lose weight and maintain the loss? Several of my Clients have expressed that they really don't just sit around engorging but the weight just seems to linger.  Artificial ingredients inorganic substances and Generically engineered foods are not recognized by the human body. We don't have the enzymes and chemistry to efficiently breakdown  Modified foods so they pose counterproductive by being difficult to digest, assimilate and eliminate. Upon entering the Gut inorganic and GMO substances are treated like foreign objects. 

In other words the food is just sitting in their gut serving absolutely no nutritional good while flooding the body with empty calories.  90% of my Clients seek the Service of Colon-Hydrotherapy for relief of constipation and they all express frustrations at failed diets which have left them with large midsections full of gas, bloating uneasiness.Its hard to successfully lose weight and rebuild health unless you revert to an Organic natural source. Original foods are lively in color, inconsistent in texture and size eg (Organic non GMO tomatoes from the same tree vary widely in size) will decay within a timely period, burst with aroma and are simply delicious.  Corn on a husk will have some brown and yellow kernels not just flaming yellow and sugary. I strongly suggest the complete non consumption of Corn and all products containing "High Fructose Corn Syrup" which is practically found in every drink, condiment and batters.  In Europe High Fructose Corn syrup has been linked to diabetes and massive weight gain. Please read your labels for all the hidden sugars and sugar substitutes.  Do you know that even Lawry's seasoning salt has sugar in it? Use pure sugar but do so very sparingly. Avoid wheat it doesn't break down causes food allergies promotes gas and bloating.  Our Products provide complete and profound nourishment in the absence of excessive calories.  It is not necessarily the type of foods that is killing us, it is the lack of quality of those foods

WARNING : Most Low Caloric Diets and packaged meals are substituted with chemicals and inorganic foods in order to mimic the taste of the missing fats meats and sugars. They might work temporarily at fat reduction but have long lasting damage on a cellular scale. Then when all hope is gone the Dieter in a last desperate attempt turns to Surgery with all its risks and humiliations.  Its tragic that many People like you are forced to trade health for weight loss.


The Manufacturer claims that they work with farms that are Non-GMO and 100% Organic(Organic meaning that the farm has to sit for at least 6 years Pesticide free while the soil filters our itself. Non-GMO means that the seeds are original from the beginning of time like the original roses in your Grandma's garden) to bring you the most powerful natural products and foods for repairing and promoting best health, weight control and wellness. Period. To start on your way to a healthier skinnier you just click on the link below risk free! A $50 Gift Certificate awaits you as a Welcomed Guest:

People have lost tons of unhealthy fat! have regained their health and life as these foods nourish and help repair every cell in the human body. Local Buyer lost  177lbs in 20 months! without jitters or harmful stimulants, without starvation diets, without mood swings while building strong lean muscles, improving vision and brain alertness, healing ailments, soothing GI track, improving skin tone, hair radiance! balancing blood sugar, Balancing Hormones, improving libido, nourishing cells , promoting longevity and rejuvenation! The weight lost achieved was from an Individual dedicated to the cause and are not typical. Most of our Client experience a moderate result.  


          $45 Colonic with the purchase of our Weight-Loss Package

Our total weigh Management Program should include all products and/or services targeted at detoxification.  Colonics (restrictions apply)  T-Zone Vibrational Therapy Massage super hydrate and continued detoxification with Alkaline water. 
Alkiline soup for weight loss and cancer prevention
Our Standard Recipe for Weightless soup:
Alkaline water 1/2 quart
kumbu/nori or any seaweed preferably from Korean or Japanese store because it is authentic and affordable.  Soak seaweed until soft.  Then soak Maitake, shitake muhrooms.  Combine and cook with 4 cloves of garlic for about 10 mins.  Do Not Overcook.  Add a 1/4 tsp tom-yum soup paste, or substitute with shaved galangal, lemongrass, lime leaves about2 or more, and soybean/peanut oil 1tbs.  Boil for a additional 5 mins.  

Alkaline vegetables for weight loss and cancer prevention
fruit for beauty and weight loss and cancer prevention  GET A JUICER
  There are several on the market and do not throw the pulp away!  You can add it in soups or use it as compose.
1 apple ( granny smith or fuji)    fiber,anti-inflammatory/cholesterol/appetite
Broccoli stem 3                             Regulates insulin/blood sugar                            
6 carrots                                        anti-cancer,cuts lung cancer in half/arteries
1/2 bunch spinach                        anti-cancer/fiber for feeling full
1/4 bunch dandelion                     liver detoxifier and fortifier, kidney
1/2 lemon with skin (remove seeds)  antioxidant/slimming
Juice the brew and let it work magic. Take with whatever weight loss products you have for faster results.  
 Hormones And Weight Control                             
best fastest weight loss . hormonal testing for maximum utilization
We also recognize thathormones play an vital role in the way weight is gained, distributed and lost especially around middle age.  Therefore we have aligned ourselves with one of the foremost Companies in the breakthrough of this science.  At Expert Body Align, you can order a Hormonal Panel which offers extensive and detailed testing.
 The test results are confidential and exclusively yours to keep for educational purposes or to share with your Health Care Practitioner.  Then if desired, you may consider a Holistic approach for any adjustments in the form of supplements a prescription can be sort from your Medical Doctor.
Our Scientific panel has a compound Pharmacy where bio-identical hormones can be tailored to your profile.  The same was done for Suzanne Summers who has great results!
 We offer a variety of testsDHEA, Thyroid, Male and Female panels.  We encourage everyone with a weight control issues to undergo the appropriate testing, as this will cancel further speculation,which can wreck havoc on your weight control endeavors.  Those test are so profound and accurate, that you will may never have to suffer through dieting failure, guess work and expense on trial and error again.
And for our female Clients looking for a possible relief from menopause discomfort.  I strongly suggest this approach. Your results however may vary.
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