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Do you desire tolose weight fast and effortlessly, without breaking a sweat or spending hours at the gym? Or just desire to enhance your workout?  Well this is the answer for you.  This machine is so incredible its a must try!! First built in Russia for the space program, T-Zone offers its users a variety of benefits:  
 NEW Technology as per Dr.OZ  low impact workout:
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  • Increase muscle strength
  • tone and firm muscles
  • build bone mass density
  • improve flexibility
  • improve circulation
  • increase metabolism
  • stimulate the lymphatic system
  • decrease cellulite
  • massage muscles
  • help conditions such as back pain, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, and neurological disorders
 This technology is backed by worldwide research of over 30 universities.
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                                      How It Works
  When you stand on the platform of the T-Zone Machine you feel vertical vibrations from side to side-alternating rocking movement which simulates walking.  Energy is safely and effectively transferred to your body, stimulating every cell  muscles, bones and soft tissue. Your muscles isometrically contract at 14 times per
second, with no stress on joints and ligaments.                          
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The Results
You can achieve more benefits in far less time than conventional exercise! and because this technology is Low Impact, it is excellent in rehabilitation, even for neurological conditions.  Excellent for fastestcellulite reduction and firming thighs while the T-Zone machine increases circulation, ultimately detoxifying the skin.  Great as an anti-aging device!  Reduces wrinkles by firming facial muscles. 

Just 10 mins daily a couple days a week will have astounding health benefits.  You are welcome to come and step on the T-Zone Vibrating Machine for a fee of $1/min to experience its benefits!  When you become hooked, we will gladly show you how you can own your own Dream Machine! SO OWN ONE NOW.
The machines can be paid in full or financed for a small down and processing fee.
(free workout subject to conditions)
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