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 Colonic Irrigation

A gentle flushing of the large Intestines namely the colon .It is applicable in the alleviation of constipation.and a toxic environment.Provides a temporary or permanent solution. A Holistic Protocol for Liver detoxification/ Weight loss. Suggested as part of a lifestyle/diet change.  

Our New Patent Pending innovative Water  filtration and deliver system will bathe your Colon with Infrared/Alkaline/Mineral  water for added conditioning. Available nowhere else 1st of its kind. Other systems simple deliver a Colonic where the water has been filtered  for removing hard particles. But Anna having 16yrs experience as an Advanced Colon Hydrotherapist along with her System Engineer has pioneered this new idea because she believes in not only the cleansing but the actual healing power of water.. Please be patient with us as we upgrade our site to reflect pictures and detailed information within the next 2 weeks

colonic room expert body align      BOWEL CLEANSING AND                            WEIGHT-LOSS

We hold dear that no weight-management or lifestyle change should be attempted without a vigorous approach to Bowel and Liver cleansing.   This is the premise upon which we have formulated our weight-loss approach.  Colon-hydrotherapy starts to detoxify the liver via the portal blood  We have several request for coffee additives for that very reason. Coffee is a big liver stimulant. 
expert body algin waiting room  A thorough cleanse is the equivalent of roughly 15 bowels thus giving a lighter midsection to its user for instant gratification.  However, as a cleansing mechanism, a Colonic has limits. Colonics alone will not render its user significant weight reduction of a permanent nature because it cannot melt away body fat. The protocol for alleviating overweight and sickness is medical &/or holistic applications, lifestyle and dietary changes etc. Colon-Hydrotherapy should not be the sole component of weight loss so as to trigger a relationship of abuse between Client and Therapist. Colonics should not be advertised as part of a fad diet/done with reckless abandon.  This approach will ultimately pose hazardous to your health and lead into disappointment.
                                                    BODY REALIGNMENT AND        BALANCING DONE WITH LOVE

epitomy of health. toxic free and healthy. colonic irriation can undo damage
Who needs a Colonic?
Any one with a colon in good/fair standing, who desires to improve upon their health though a wholistic modality  Any one experiencing digestive discomfort associated to colon impaction Anyone desiring to jump start a weight loss program/diet/lifestyle change.  We are simple, clean, hospitable and highly affordable.There are no hidden fees/prices and we do not try to lure you into unnecessary spending with us. We keep it honest.  As Professionals our motto is to provide the maximum flush with the minimum discomfort. Results vary widely.  Find our reviews on Google maps. Thank you our dear Clients.
wellness can be achieved through colonic irrigation and diet change
 Constipation, Acidosis, Acne,Halitosis, Premature aging, Pungent bowels,Halitosis, diabetes, hypoglycemia, obesity,
Cancer, lethargy, bloating depression, bad body odor,
infertility, impotence, cellulite, fungal infections, 
hair and scalp problems, non-genetic hair loss, colitis, diverticulitis, vision problems (non-age genetic related) Jaundice, metallic taste in mouth, mental fog, disease of epic proportion and a general feeling of decline and break down. 
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Understanding Colon Hydrotherapy
One colonic session might undo 10 years of damage!
  We hold dear that a toxic system promotes an environment for bacteria, parasites and disease to thrive.  And when this environment is eliminated/reduced, then the body returns to alignment and balance.  Colonic irrigation, herein is not a panacea.   However it affords a safe, fast and effective medium for promoting a healing environment  This is the Holistic Approach.

1)  Is a Colonic painful? A degree of discomfort can be felt as water is slowly introduced into your colon soon to be relieved when the water is released. Our Motto is Provide a maximum flush in the minimum of discomfort

expert body align colonic machine
 Is a Colonic sanitary?

The Hydro-San (colonic unit) is FDA registered. It comes with a double filtration system and an ultra-violet light which destroys any foreign microbes. We use disposable speculums/gowns/underpass.  Our machine has an inbuilt compartment for hospital grade anti-bacterial/anti-viral sanitizing solution ensuring no cross-contamination. The Colonic Table is sturdy/weight limit 1,200lbs and is sanitized after each Client. We employ the same sanitation protocol as Hospital to safeguard your health and ours. 

3) Will I make a mess? 
 The waste flows through translucent tubing then out through the unit.  Occasionally a Client may pose a challenge due to an extreme case of impaction.  therefore there is no condition of the colon that poses foreign to us.  Rest assured that you are in competent/caring hands and your Colonic will be tailored to your individual needs. We are private one on one and confidential.

Be careful not to have exaggerated or unrealistic expectations that lie outside the realm of Colon-Hydrotherapy as stated in the 1st paragraph This will lead to regret, disappointment and eventually abandonment altogether because a Colonic has boundries.  It is not a panacea and results often vary from client to client
                       $85 Colonic. $150 Couples
A word for the very constipated Client.  Do not expect miracles. You will need to be very patient and gentle with your body.  A Colonic will never be administered so aggressively as to cause extreme pain or physical harm.  Your Technician will advice you on the best course of Therapy, where repeat visits may meet Protocol  Keep your expectations reasonable, so as to avoid disappointment or frustration.
5) What if I take cleansing herbs and eat vegetables daily, do I still need a Colonic?

In addition to a Colonic flushing fecal contents, it soaks the hardened plaque off the colon walls that herbs normally do not address and also indirectly cleanses the liver via the portal blood supply.  That's why coffee enemas are so effective in stimulating the liver to release toxins.. For coffee additive there is an extra charge.  please refer to our Price Page.
George Burns smoked cigars, lived to be 99 yrs old and took a Colonic on a regular basis.  We all live not too perfect lives, so it is imperative to practice damage control and Colon-hydrotherapy when used wisely offers just that.  
Renowned Wholistic Clinics have claimed to use Coffee enemas as part of their cancer treatment and Dr. Shinyo states that, Alkaline water administered to the Colon had a positive effect on Colon Cancer. Also, several Chiropractors include Colonics in their protocol. 
6)How many Colonic sessions do I need and why 30-45 minutes/session?
The safe time-frame for a Colonic session is 30-45 minutes. Excessive time poses risky for depleting electrolytes like sodium/ potassium (needed to secure heart health.)Chyme being expelled from the small intestines (which are 17ft long) takes several hours to 4 days to refill the cecum(ascending colon) Therefore after your Colonic session, you may feel light and wonderful on your first day! then you might suddenly bloat from the stagnated contents giving way.  Book a follow-up or take cleansing herbs/teas/enema.
Remember that we are dealing with approximately 10 years! of build-up caused by embedded fragments of food in this very neglected organ. Secondly, timely evacuation ensures the rejuvenation of the cells of the colon wall which sheds every 7 to 10 days.  Repeating the process will stabilize results. We have customized Colonics for addressing Constipation and weight Loss.  Check with your Therapist as the protocol varies. Please note that Anorexics and Bulimics are excluded from multiple Colon-Hydrotherapy Sessions.
diagam of the colon.
The average colon is 5.5ft to 6ft long and can expand to hold tremendous weight.  Elvis was reported to have had over 27 lbs of fecal matter embedded in his colon upon death.  John Wayne who reportedly died of colon cancer had 32 lbs.
 b) Any side effects?
Sometimes, a Client reports a flu-like feeling hours proceeding a session.  Its like someone in overall bad shape, going to the gym and running the treadmill at a high speed and failing to catch their breath. In the body's attempt to expel waste a tremendous amount of energy is expanded which can leave one feeling drained, nothing that a hearty meal/mineral drink/cannot correct.You are free to help yourself to a complimentary snack and energy drink on us.  A 30-45 min colon cleansing session can be very complete at vacating 90% of contents therefore aabsence of bowels for up to 4 days is very normal  This means that your cleanse was very deep and that your colon is practically empty!
A healthy meal will practically erase any lethargy one may feel proceeding their cleanse.  No cold drinks for 1st 2 hrs. Most Clients feel relaxed and energized.  And for the few who may not, a mineral/sports drink/snacks that we provide will give an instant picker-upper.
Those temporary inconveniences are a small sacrifice for something that might potentially prolong your health and life!  So please do not be deterred. 
7) Can Colonic irrigation cure diseases?
While Colon-Hydrotherapy herein is not implemented in the prevention, treatment or cure of any disease/affliction, it is however used as a cleansing device.  Colonic Irrigation is Protocol for Constipation and has been used as a prep for Colonoscopy.
 As Wholistic Practitioners we hold dear that: toxicity is the underlying cause of many afflictions. Lessening the transition time that the waste leaves the body is crucial in maintaining health! The less stress we place on our organs of elimination the greater our chances are of remaining healthy and ultimately healing.
You take pride in servicing your car through oil/filter changes, engine/transmission flushes etc with purpose of prolonging its life and to improve performance.  How about applying the same enthusiasm for maintaining your human machine?
Cleansing firstly, then rebuilding makes for effective realignment.  Colonics, herbal colon cleansers, proceeded by vitamin/mineral therapy for rebuilding, replenishing and sustaining should be implemented.  Highly recommended is fasting through juicing which should become permanently affixed to a health regiment. And don't neglectEXERCISE! Its a powerful detoxifier.  It has been reported that fasting even a couple of days/month has helped to starve cancer cells, and halt their growth.
IMG 0089Juicing supplies soluble minerals necessary for the functioning for all our organs, rebuilding, repairing, supporting, rejuvenating and electrolyte maintenance. vegetables should be the the main component.
 8) Will I lose my good bacteria or Colon elasticity?
Our Colonic Technicians are highly trained to administer the water uniformly in order to maintain Colon integrity. A time limit of 45 minutes ensures that the colon does not undergo unnecessary stress, and secures its elasticity/peristalsis.  Sessions exceeding a 45 minutes increases the user's chances of leaching electrolytes. A preferred option would be to repeat your Colonic in the near future.
Bacteria multiplies very rapidly and it takes antibiotics and antiseptics to completely destroy bacteria numbering into the billions. HenceBacteria-Destroying-Colonics is a myth. Water will never completely destroy or flush out bacteria.  What the water does is flush out stool-containing bacteria, which is also part of your bathroom habit good and bad. Maintaining Colon integrity by constantly consuming foods supportive to friendly bacteria production while eliminating those detrimental to their sustenance, is what will ultimately determine the health of your colon/ratio of microbes.
Alkaline water and colonic irrigation
Water administered through a colonic is slightly alkaline, being tap water doubled filtered and exposed to ultra-violet light ( same used for ensuring the safety of sushi) and is therefore not an anti-septic antibacterial agent.
Some Clients have reported larger amounts of colon gas after their cleanse, one result of the colon being at lease 80%+ emptier and we all know that air will occupy empty spaces.  Your colon will therefore begin a shrinking process and upon completion the gas will dissipate.  It is then absolutely necessary to eat smaller more frequent meals in order to maintain the uniformity of the organ (colon).  You can literally rejuvenate your entire colon and upper gastrointestinal track by consuming acidophilus containing foods eg: raw yogurt, kefur, blue cheese and Activia in conjunction with fiber.  The latter creates an environment in which the bacteria thrives. 
 Horror Story No.1                                                            
For those of you doubting that colon neglect can be a serious issue then I will share this with you.
My 74 year old Aunt had undergone hip replacement surgery.  The surgery in itself was a major success.  However she was shy about telling the Hospital staff of her absence of bowel movements.  She then was released and went home.  My aunt Leona stayed in excess of 21 days without a major bowel movement.  She developed halitosis, yellowing of the eyes (jaundice).  Her pain got so severe that she was readmitted.  The hospital staff administered laxatives and stool softeners which did not work.  Her impaction got critical, ruptured the colon therefore emptying toxins into the bloodstream and she died. Prognosis Sepsis.  Although this is an extreme case of colon neglect, it displays the seriousness of riding the body of toxic waste material within a timely manner.  A couple of colonics will do a complete job of safely keeping your colon clean. It is the abuse of colonics that might hurt a user.
9)  Are there any contraindications?
Please check with your health care provider.  The Service of Colon-Hydrotherapy is herein offered to People in general good health who are seeking to improve upon it through cleansing.  In California Colon-Hydro Therapists are Certified only and are not licensed by the State.  Colon-Hydrotherapy is therefore offered as a complementary to Healing Arts with no medical implication and will not be used to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.  Colonic Irrigation herein is non-invasive since the Client self-inserts/retracts the speculum.  Allopathy is not implicated.
 9.5) Does a Colonic Practitioner have to belong to an organization.
Joining an Organization is not a State requirement because Colon Hydrotherapy and the person Practicing herein is not Licensed by the State. They are granted a Certificate of completion by the school attended. Some Practitioners may choose to belong to various Organizations for reasons of support.
The outline and structure of the course is determined by the individual schools, which house very experienced, Senior Practitioners. The Hydro-San/Toxygen are the most widely used Colonic units in the USA. They are closed systems. Technicians are taught the detailed operation of these units which, through our experience, is quite user friendly, safe and effective. The closed unit allows for an odorless experience, and remains the preferred method of Colonic Users.
This page and its entire contents with the exception of videos and pictures remains the sole property of its Author, Anna Phillips. Holistic Practitioner. Results are not guaranteed and vary widely. 
Expert Body Align
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                 Colonic Guidelines
 i.    Client's dignity will be honored and respected.
 ii.     We ask that our Client remains draped throughout
         their session.
 ii.    We ask that our Client refrains from asking us       questions reserved for their Medical Doctor /Practitioner.
iv.   We ask that Clients do not treat us as Medical Personnel for doing so may compromise our Practice which is of a Holistic Nature.                             
v.   Clients should refrain from recreational language/conduct.
vi.  Client to Therapist contact will be limited.
vii. There will be no massage which can be deemed as requiring a Massage License, unless such Therapist holds a license for Massage.
viii. The Holistic Questionnaire is for identity purposes.   
ix.  Client should disclose their purpose for service and Client must not       
mislead for entrapment purposes. 
x.  We trust that a Client seeks our services for cleansing and healing
purposes only, therefore we reserve the right to refuse service. People over 300lbs, will require special approval.  Thank you for respecting our Office and Profession.
heath and energy through realignment and balancing!
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