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With so much information on water today, it sometimes becomes overwhelming as to which water to drink.  But after extensive research on this issue, we concluded that: not all waters are created equal.  While bottle water offers relief from contaminants, it is reassuring to see your own tap water being converted into a superior product, that you can readily consume with all its freshness!! Ahhh.....
Alkaline-water machinesconvert the tap water right before your very eyes.  This is done by the water passing through titanium plates in the machine after  receiving an electrical charge.  The alkalinity affords rapid assimilation for super hydration and serves as a detoxifying agent.  It also has antioxidant properties being at such a high ph. 9.0-10.0.

 Some Health Practitioners believe that Cancer and many other inflammatory diseases are the result of acids produced as by-products of the breakdown of animal proteins and carbohydratesnot being effectively neutralized and eliminated.

 Alkaline water neutralizes acids and saturates the  body's cells. Alkaline water rapidly and effectively flushes out toxins.
alkaline water second to only water in nature  BOTTLED WATER VERSUS TAP    
  There is a "Take Back The Tap"movement  which disproves the myth of bottled water somehow being better than tap water.  Expert Body Align will put your own bottled water to the acidity test. The results will amaze you.  When you buy into the myth of bottled water being better than tap water, not only are you throwing away thousands of your hard earned dollars over your lifetime, but you are also creating millions of extra tons of plastic waste per year.  

Alkaline water is tap water which has been purified and converted. Also another reason for not buying bottled water is the exploitation of rural water sources by Big Corporations who bribe town officials into gaining access to those sources.  Those Corporations continue to divert ground water for unfair gain based on this water myth,and they are depleting communities of their precious water supplies.  
fresh alkaline water make from your tap
    With this in mind, lets got to our tap and fill up our gallons and glasses and enjoy our very own tap water.  We carry the Enagic Machine better know as  the Kangen Alkaline Machine.  We welcome you t come into our walk-in location where you will be treated to a free gallon of his remarkable water.                                                           

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