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         EXPERT  BODY  ALIGN - Your health is our treasure!
NO Assembly Line
We offer discounts and specials with you in mind therefore making it easy to try us with little risk to your pocket. There is no need to go Coupon hunting where Customers are most times short-changed and treated like an Assembly-Line in order to make up for lost revenue. We don't have to surrender 50% of our business to Coupon Providers. Working comfortably within our price range affords us to better facilitate your unique wants and needs so you never have to feel like the image to your left. Welcome!
 Please note that prices/conditions are subject to change without notice or liability.
Excluded are pre-purchased Packages/Deals/Special already paid in full.

We will administer a 30-45min Colonic to Clients who meet guidelines with care and love because your health is our focus and treasure. (Please read our colonic guidelines and store policy before booking). The following prices meet conditions to qualify. 
                     $85.Colonic.$150 Couples

$85 New Client 1st Visit
$160 2pt series/ (New & Returning Client)
$225 3pt series/ (New & Returning Client)
New Couples $150
Returning Couples $140.00
Debit/credit cards $2/swipe  
                                      Expires 10/31/2017
                PAY AS YOU GO FOR EVERYONE

Please note that all specials/discounts/coupons are non-transferable,non-negotiable and non-refundable,cannot be combined with any other coupons or specials and upon expiration can only be applied to store credit within the refund policy guidelines. Valid for 1 year from date of purchase with the exception of the phone order good only for 90 days.

We will return to our regular price of:
 Colonic     $95.00
2pt series  $165.00
3pt series  $240.00 on 10/31/2017.
 Returning Clients are welcome to package specials and discounts, with the exception of the 1st Colonic of $85 reserved for New Clients only. All discounts/specials and coupons are good only within store hours. Sundays/holidays and special hours will be charged our regular rate in combination with any additional fee. There will also be an additional charge of $40 an additive solution to the colonic.  
Excessive Colonic time is subject to extra cost.  Our discount prices are based upon a 35-45 mim colonic. Extra supplies and clean-up time will incur additional charges as per in-store price list.  Please be considerate.  
 Our office invites you to secure your appointment with a credit/debit card.  It is wise that you guarantee your place in this manner and should you decline,then we reserve the right to change/reschedule/cancel at will, with/without prior notice and without liability.
Please note, that due to our specials we have limited spaces and it is unfair to our Clients and ourselves to hold spots for folks who do not show up .
                      CANCELLATION POLICY
We require notice of any changes to our schedule no later than  6am on the morning of your appointment, or a missed appointment fee of $25.00 will be incurred and billed to your card or deducted from the value of your pre-paid pkg and you will have to pay towards reinstating the said package. No Call/Show incurs a full charge or a colonic deduction from your pkg. You are allowed to reschedule only once, should you exceed then you will be seen on a walk-in basis only.
Should you be late in the excess of 15mins, then you will forfeit your appointment and we reserve the right to offer you the remaining time on the clock or reschedule you. Although your colonic is from 30-45mins, we allocate you a full hour and you are actually reserving that hour, so please act responsibly.
Thank you for your co-operation and consideration!
Please print this section for your records. 

Regular non-discounted packages are non-transferable. 
Refundable within 48 hours of purchase in the following manner:
1st colonic deducted  (regular price) additional colonic deducted   (regular price)
less a $25/processing fee and in the form of payment issued.  If under payment plan then no refund.
Preparation Your Anticipated Cleanse!

1 apple provides                                      fiber
2 slices of fresh pineapple                       enzymes
1 banana                                                 potassium
yogurt (optional)                                      probiotics
a fresh celery stick                                   sodium
The lowering of prices was initiated by our desire to accommodate Clients during the present economic down, and especially with the increase in gas prices.  We feel the need to be flexible while still providing excellent service!  In no way should you believe that this price cut is a reflection of standard and Professionalism, or compromises quality of service.
Due to overwhelming response to our Deals, you are encouraged to call us to book only after you have read our policies thoroughly, knowing who we are and what we offer.  However, should our content fail to address your questions/concerns  we will gladly do so via e-mail or phone call. 310-326-4300.
Text 310-326-4300
Free water for anyone who buys an undiscounted package(1gal/per visit)
1 Gallon Bottle  $4.00 (your own refillable)
2 Gallons           $6.00            "
5 Gallons           $10.00           "
Clean empty bottles retail for $1.00/bottle.Water excluded.
 Free T-Zone for purchase regular package( 3mins on 1st visit)
Regular price:  $1/per min  
We stock 20 varieties.  Our soaps are full sized bath soaps
that have been hand made old fashioned process, with shea butter and olive.  An average bar last for roughly 15 days!
and gives you allot of suds.  They are hypoallergenic, and are
good for the entire family including babies.  We range from lemon-grass to old rose etc..etc.
1 full sized soap bar    $6.95    Sale  $4.50
 Special  2 bars           $12.00           $7.50  
We Welcome You!